The Cottage

These owners had a unique idea of how to get out of debt. It involved selling their house in town and using the equity from the sale to build on an affordable acreage lot, what I refer to as a "tiny home on steroids". The intended final use of this building is an Accessory Dwelling Unit. I took the owner's design and made it code compliant, and added just enough detailing to the exterior to bring the look to a place somewhere between "simple" and "fancy". The interior space was designed to take advantage of every nook-and-cranny, providing storage or sleeping quarters wherever they would fit. It has a 448 s.f. footprint, and 157 s.f. Loft. It serves its purpose well, as intended, and has provided a "tiny home" living experience for a family of 6.

"Carl was thorough in his preparation, very conscientious, and had integrity. We felt like Carl treated our problems as if they were his own, and he showed us he cared. To us, he is the epitome of a professional but a professional with a heart!! We would recommend Carl to anyone looking for an excellent architect!"

Allen Abrahamson, Single Family Residence

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