Global Solarium Industrial Buildings

This project consisted of adding 3 new Industrial buildings onto a lot that previously had just a single family residence on it.  A code summary was performed to show that each building complied with the required codes.  Converting the single family home into a commercial use for office space was a way of preserving the historical value of the property, as well as repurposing a building that was still viable to occupy. This avoided creating more land-fill waste, and using up new resources to construct a new building in its place.  After the Industrial shell buildings were completed, I assisted by providing Tenant Improvement permit plans as well.

"I recently had Carl draw up some plans for a project. There was a lot of the process that I really didn't understand with all that the county was needing and Carl took care of all the details so all I had to do is submit all of it. It couldn't have been more seamless. Thank you Carl, for all you did!!"

Randy Hanson, Single Family Residence

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